Zoel Shi

Zoel Shi

Tech Artist from Hypergryph.



This is Zoel Shi, a tech artist from Hypergryph.

I have gotten my M.Phil.’s degree in Applied Mathematics from School of Mathematics and Statistics, Xi’an Jiaotong University, adviced by Prof. Yibao Li. My research interests lie in Computational Fluid Dynamics, Image and Geometry Processing and Surface Reconstruction

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Frankly, video games impacted greatly on my school days. The most impressive one I’ve ever played is Final Fantasy series, which gives me the motivation to pursue the state-of-the-art technology of Computer Graphics and makes me determined to embark on an career in academic. Beyond that, Xingyun Mao, my example, also inspires me to chase the goal. So what’s my desire? I havn’t ever thought a lot but one thing is true. I endeavor to vividly simulate the motion of everything in the world so that you couldn’t tell reality from fiction.

Personal Interest

  • Calligraphy: GRADE TEN(highest). Please refer to [certificate], [work]
  • Traditinal Chinese painting: GRADE TEN(highest). Please refer to [certificate], [work]
  • 🎸: Just so so, only can play Jay Chou’s ‘Qing Tian’. 🙊
  • Travelling


  • R&D Stuff


  • MPhil in Applied Mathematics, 2021

    Xi'an Jiaotong University

  • BSc Information and Computing Science, 2018

    Nanjing Agriculture University


Math II1

Role: Teaching Assistant

Instructor: A/Prof. Feng Wang, main building D404, Fall 2019

Math II2

Role: Teaching Assistant

Instructor: Lec. Jinping Liu, main building C404, Spring 2019

Math II1

Role: Teaching Assistant

Instructor: A/Prof. Kangming Liu, main building C305, Fall 2018